Course Presentation

Welcome to the Aurea4Rural online training, whose goal is to serve as a tool to create an innovative digital augmented reality platform (Smartphone APP) for the rural tourism sector along with training materials according to the tasks of the staff working in this sector.

In this course introduction, you can learn how to navigate the training and obtain your final certificate.
The Aurea4Rural course is presented in five different languages: Estonian, Spanish, English, German and Italian. On the top-left of the website you can select the language you want to use for the training.

Training interface and navigation

On the left side of the screen, a global structure of the training is displayed with the list of online lessons. For each of them, the time spent for online lessons and the score or status obtained is displayed.
The main part of the screen contains the course description. At the right of the course main page, a "Continue" button allows to start the course beginning with its first lesson.
Then it's possible to carry out the complete training by clicking on the "Next" buttons. After a lesson is completed, a button "To next lesson" is displayed and it allows to go to the next lesson.

Main menu

The main menu of the e-learning platform has the following entries:
  • Home: the home page of the Aurea4Rural course shows the description of the course and all the lessons included.
  • My courses: this section gives the user an overview of all courses the student has access to.
  • My achievements: this section gives the student an overview of relevant activities, and to download his certificates if he passed the test with the minimum score defined in the course settings.
  • Messages: the e-learning platform offers an internal messaging system, allowing users to communicate, depending on the defined permissions. Students can send messages to the other members (students, teachers) of their course.

Training modules

The course is the base entity containing many tools and allowing to spread knowledge and to assess students’ learning.

Each module consists of different theoretic lessons and assessments. This advance content will permit to improve the knowledge of those students that want to take a high-level training course.

Course lessons

The Aurea4Rural e-learning platform offer many tools proposing different ways to facilitate the knowledge transmission. These tools will appear on the home page of the course.

Each course contains different lessons with the theoretical content and quizzed to assess students´ knowledge.

A lesson can be:
  • Purely theoretical: it means it will be composed of slides.
  • Purely quiz: only questions of different types.
Lessons can be reached by clicking on the following button once you are inside a course:


In order to consult any of the links contained within the lessons, you have right-click on them to open a menu that allows a variety of options. Your choices include opening the link in a new tab, opening it in a new window altogether and opening it in an "incognito window," where it largely won't be linked to your other browsing, and your history won't be saved for privacy's sake.

This will allow you to have websites open in multiple tabs while you're using the Aurea4Rural e-learning platform, so that you can read multiple websites, compare information, or attend to an urgent matter in one tab, then come back to your work in another one.

Course evaluation

At the end of each module it is necessary to pass a test with an 80% score to be able to get the Aurea4Ruraltraining certificate. You will have three attempts to pass each test.

Please, remember that tests will only be available to registered users.

Student achievements

Section "My achievements" allows you, as a student, to consult all your own results, and download the certificate for the Aurea4Ruralcourse.

When a student passes all the lessons of the Aurea4Rural training with the required score, it will be possible to get a certificate. The student will be able to download the PDF certificate file from the section "My achievements", by clicking on the link "Download certificate".

A button will also make possible to download the certificate from the home page of the related course.
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