Module 5: Multilingual and Translation Tools

You prepared a beautiful and almost perfect AR project in your local language for your service.The content is nice, the markers work, and your domestic customers love it. But what about visitors from countries that do not speak your language?

International visitors are of high interest because they stay longer and spend more money. If you do not speak their language, AR is an excellent tool to present and explain all the details of your service or installations to them. Or you can prepare a self-guided tour in their surroundings in their language.

This is where multi-lingual design and content of AR apps comes into play. In this module, we first explain to you how language selection on electronic devices works.

Then we introduce you to a few online tools for translation that are available for free: Google Translator has the advantage of more than 100 languages, but the results are frequently not up to the standard of a good translation. If you only need the main European languages, a better choice is Deepl. It only operates with nine languages, but it has surprisingly good results even in technical or legal texts.

For fine-tuning your translation results, we present online dictionaries such as WordReference, Linguee and Reverso.

Finally, we give a couple of suggestions about how to structure a simple multilingual AR project.
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